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The last scenes of a bug’s life

Call me morbid… I found a huge spider’s web in the front yard with an equally enormous spider occupying the middle. The spider seemed to have a good thing going considering how fat it was. These pictures remind me of a stranded fly watching waiting to meet its maker.

bug views 4

bug views 2

bug views 3


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Rainy day walks

Viewlands Elementary across the street from the house. The school is a dusty skeleton of its former self as it was decided by the city to shut down the school last spring. Instead of hearing bells signaling class and recess and the shouts of grade schoolers playing in the field out back, the school remains quiet and dark. But it is a great to place to take a puppy to play!

justin open space

justin w red door

roxy w justin

roxy w ball

roxy and viewlands

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Grandparents from England flew into town on Thursday evening, Sept. 3. Some of the best people in your life may be the ones you rarely get to see. It’s always such a treat to spend time with those people who are so completely invested in your success. We say goodbye and happy travels to Grandma and Grandpa Mustoe today.

Gpa in sunlight

Grandpa and Prosecco

gma love

Grandma Mustoe

family dinner

crab and butter

Mmmm… crab

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The last two months with SWAE Sports

I spent the last two months cycling 2,500 miles down the West Coast with a group of young entrepreneurs from Boulder, Col. They are on a mission to launch SWAE (snow, water, air, earth) Sports, the first online home for adventure sports. Excited about the story, I hopped along for the ride. Check out their blog and photos that I took during our journey from Canada to Mexico.

A video about SWAE Sports made by the guys from Conquer the Land.

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Rail session at Lower Woodland

BS Lipslide

Trippy BS Crookie monster

Justin KFFSBS bw

KF Frontboard

Justin fs lpslde bw

FS Lipslide

FS Noseblunt

Justin Ovrcrk bw

FS Overcrook

Justin treflip bw

Tre flip

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My life through a lens. This blog will be devoted to my photos and my hunt for a career in the Emerald City and elsewhere. Along the way will be views of Seattle from my perspective, as well as some of the jobs and projects I will take on.


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